Study system in German universities

German universities are one of the most important and oldest international universities, and a large number of scholars and writers have graduated from them, and the number of educational institutions in Germany is about 400 educational institutions. Moreover, German universities are characterized by great professionalism, as the curricula of German universities are among the best and strongest in the world, and German universities have a wonderful infrastructure, with the latest halls and equipped with a large number of modern educational means. The study year in German universities is characterized by the presence of two semesters, and the first semester is called the summer semester, and students start studying in it on the first of April of each year, and the study ends in it on the thirtieth of September of each year. As for the winter semester, it starts from October and continues until the end of March each year.

The higher education system in Germany is also characterized by providing freedom for students, where students can study what they study, and at any professor they want, but this system has certain limits that students must adhere to.