Terms and Conditions

This agreement obliges you, as a user of the LGK website, to abide by its contents, called the terms and conditions, which exist to regulate the relationship with you during your use of the website or benefit from its contents, programs and services
 In addition to the LGK Website Terms of Use; The user is obligated to the following: Not to record or photograph the session remotely, or part of it, by any means, whether the recording is audio or video, not to impersonate the beneficiary of any other personality, regardless of the relationship or kinship, even if there is a valid agency. In the event of a violation of these terms and conditions, you will be subject to legal accountability and the application of the penalties stipulated in the regulations. By entering this service, this constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, and an acknowledgment not to use the site and its services in violation of any regulations in Arab or foreign countries or an international agreement or Internet protocols. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, click the cancel button and do not use the products and services of the site. The LGK team’s consent to use its services is conditional on your agreement to accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement, which leads to the exclusion of any other terms.


Additional Terms and Conditions

Acceptance or rejection of courses is up to the LGK team without any accountability to us. You must contact those responsible for managing the site through one of the means of communication shown on the site to obtain initial approval before uploading any course on the site. The use of the courses for any other business will not allow you to provide and service the scientific curriculum, training and educational services to trainees.
You will not be permitted to copy, modify or distribute the content of the Site except as permitted in this Agreement.
You must be over 18 years old or in the case of your age between 13 to 17 You must obtain the consent of a third party representing a parent, guardian or guardian and the third party must agree to this agreement and bear all responsibility for that The service provider must respond quickly to the customer And implement the required with all quality and perfection, and the customer has the right to object to the service provided to him in case of dissatisfaction with it.
You must have read, understood, and agree to abide by the pricing information before using the platform, registering for the course, qualifying, or requesting service. Virtual attendance is equivalent to regular attendance as indicated by the regulations and standards of the National Center for E-Learning. Virtual attendance is equivalent to regular attendance in all features if the standards are applied On the electronic platforms as specified and stipulated, and the LGK team has endeavored to achieve all the required criteria so that the virtual attendance is equivalent to the regular attendance if it is necessary for the attendance to be virtual.


The LGK team or its employees shall not bear any responsibility for failure to fulfill its obligations or when losses occur due to reasons beyond its control such as fire, hurricane, bad weather, other natural disasters, explosion, sit-in, war, revolution or other causes beyond the sphere of responsibility Or the influence of the LGK team in Kuwait.